Free Market Road Show 2018

Free Market Road Show 2018

Join a unique event - Free Market Road Show 2018 in Warsaw on 19th of April!

On behalf of the Civil Development Forum (the non-governmental organisation founded by Professor Leszek Balcerowicz), Austrian Economics Center and SWPS University I have a pleasure to invite you to the 11th Annual Free Market Road Show which will take place in Warsaw on 19th of April 2018. This year the speakers and audience gathered at the SWPS University will be focused on the European values and why do they matter to Poland. Free Market Road Show 2018 will take place in over 40 cities in Europe and the Caucasus region.


Introductory remarks

  • Piotr Voelkel 
  • Agata Stremecka 
  • Barbara Kolm 

Panel I: Which values can stop the rise of populism in Europe and elsewhere?  

  • Cris Lingle
  • Andrzej Kondratowicz
  • Marcin Matczak
  • Richard Rahn

Keynote speech: Good and bad transitions by Leszek Balcerowicz

Panel II: Which European values matter for our well-being?

  • Dan Denning
  • John Fund
  • Łukasz Pawłowski
  • Andrzej Rzońca
  • Michael Williams

The event will take place on the 19th of April 2018 (between 10:00 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.) at the SWPS University in Warsaw (Chodakowska Street 19/31) in the main auditorium (room no. 214, 2nd floor).

Participation is free of charge but please register in advance. Number of places is limited:

The conference will be held in English. No translation services would be provided.

For additional information please refer to the hyperlinks here below:

FMRS 2018 Event on Facebook

FMRS 2018 on the Civil Development Forum Website

FMRS 2018 Website

Local partners: SWPS University (organizational partner) and Center of Capitalism, Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, KoLiber Association, Liberal Culture, Libertarian Association, Liberté! and Mises Institute of Economic Education (Poland)

Source: Paulina Woźniak, Coordinator of the FMRS 2018, Civil Development Forum