Foundations of Management - 2019 Volume 11 Annual (19)

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  • Andrii Halkin, Kseniia Bliumska-Danko, Olena Smihunova, Elena Dudnyk, Iryna Balandina - Investigation Influence of Store Type on Emotional State of Consumer in the Urban Purchase
  • Wouroud ElFarmawi - Correlation between Customer Relationship Management System Usage, Product Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction
  • Marwan Milhem, Habsah Muda, Khalil Ahmed - The Effect of Perceived Transformational Leadership Style on Employee Engagement: the Mediating Effect of Leader’s Emotional Intelligence
  • Irem Kefe - The Determination of Performance Measures by Using Balanced Scorecard Framework
  • Azmi Mat, Norliza Saiful Bahry, Nur Liana Kori, Zarina Abdul Munir, Norzaidi Mohd Daud - The Influence of Service Quality and Passenger Satisfaction towards Electric Train Services (ETS): A PLS-SEM Approach
  • Kai Wang - Towards a Taxonomy of Idea Generation Techniques
  • Omar Fikrat Fateh Tarzibashi, Hasan Ozyapici - The Impact of the Magnitude of Overhead Costs on the Difference between ABC and TDABC Systems
  • Anjar Priyono, Elisabeth Ingga Dewi, Sarina Abdul Halim Lim - Alliances as Dynamic Capability to Support Organizational Transformation: Empirical Findings from a State-Owned Enterprise
  • Ewa Kulińska, Julia Giera - Identification and Analysis of Risk Factors in the Process of Receiving Goods into the Warehouse
  • Tadeusz Krupa - Dynamics of Potential Functionality of Objects
Foundations of Management