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Information for Authors

All articles posted in the FoM must be registered and reviewed in the electronic system. Authors wishing to submit articles to the journal must log on to the platform: http://www.editorialmanager.com/fom (user login, and how-to work with the system are available under the same address).

Authors do not receive any remuneration. Questions related to transmission and publication of the articles should be addressed at: fom.wz@pw.edu.pl

FoM Subject Categories:

  • Business Information Systems, Knowledge and Intellectual Property
  • Management Economics, Finance, Human Resources and Strategic Management
  • Sustainable Enterprise - Production Systems, Logistics and Marketing
  • Innovation, Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk Management
Foundations of Management



Editor-in-Chief: Tadeusz KRUPA, e-mail: tadeusz.krupa@pw.edu.pl 

Scientific Editor: Teresa OSTROWSKA, e-mail: teresa.ostrowska@pw.edu.pl

Executive-Editor: Jarosław DOMAŃSKI, e-mail: jaroslaw.domanski@pw.edu.pl

Publishing and Editorial Office                                            

Faculty of Management, Warsaw University of Technology         
Narbutta str. 85, 02-524 Warszawa, Poland                              
e-mail: tadeusz.krupa@pw.edu.pl                                                  
tel.: 22 849 94 43, 22 234 84 32                                            
fax: 22 849 97 98

Cover Project and Print

Warsaw University of Technology Publishing House 
Polna str. 50, 00-644 Warszawa, Poland
tel.: 22 234 70 83
fax: 22 234 70 60