Foundations of Management - 2014 Volume 06 Number 03 (14)

Articles FoM(14) are available on the De Gruyter Open platform


  • Zbigniew Banaszak, Grzegorz Bocewicz - Declarative Modeling for Production Orders Portfolio Scheduling
  • Lech Gąsiorkiewicz - The Decomposition Process of Insurance Operations
  • Marta Karwacka, Karolina Kitzman - The Socially Engaged Corporation – Attitudes and Knowledge Related to Collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Maxim Galchenko, Alexander Gushchinsky, Waldemar Izdebski, Jacek Skudlarski - Data Mining and Statistics Methods Usage for Advanced Training Courses Quality Measurement: Case Study
  • Jerzy Kisielnicki - Project Management in Research and Development
  • Stanisław Tkaczyk, Joanna Kuzincow, Grzegorz Ganczewski - Life Cycle Assessment in Management of Socially Responsible Enterprise
  • Wioletta Mierzejewska - Directions of changes in organizational structures of SME - results of empirical research
Foundations of Management
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