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Foundations of Management - 2016 Volume 08 Annual (16)

Articles FoM(16) are available on the De Gruyter Open platform


  • Aleksey Martynov - Do Strategic Alliances, Acquisitions, and R&D Investments Act as Complements or Substitutes?
  • Marcin Relich - Computational Intelligence for Estimating Cost of New Product Development
  • Renata Walczak, Paweł Neumann - Improving the Quality of Nonwoven Materials Manufacturing Based on Analysis of Its Water Permeability
  • Louise Van Scheers - Factors Contributing to SMEs Failure in Meeting Supplier Performance Standards
  • Anna Kubicka - Personalized Information Management by Online Stores in 4C Model. Case Study
  • Marcin Kotarba - New factors inducing changes in the retail banking customer relationship management (CRM) and their exploration by the FinTech industry
  • Mishelle Doorasamy, Kiran Baldavaloo - Compromising Long Term Sustainability for Short Term Profit Maximization: Unethical Business Practice
  • Mishelle Doorasamy - The Perceptions of Management on the Benefits of Adopting an Environmental Management Accounting System as a Waste Management Tool
  • Michał Krawczyński, Piotr Czyżewski, Karol Bocian - Reindustrialisation: A Challenge to the Economy in the First Quarter of the Twenty-First Century
  • Maria Gasińska - Determinants of Development of Third Party Liability Insurance: Selected Approaches, Experience and Trends in Poland
  • Ludmiła Walaszczyk - Strategic Research Programs in the Area of Technical Innovations – Case Study Analyses
  • Małgorzata Śliwa, Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska - A Strategic Knowledge Map for the Research and Development Department in a Manufacturing Company
  • Wojciech Nasierowski - Composite Indexes Economic and Social Performance: Do they Provide Valuable Information?
  • Adam Dudek, Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska -  Model of a Tacit Knowledge Transformation for the Service Department in a Manufacturing Company: a Case Study
  • Jevgenijs Kurovs, Tadeusz Waściński - The Concept of Social Responsibility in the Business Model of a Company
  • Grzegorz Przekota, Agnieszka Lisowska - The Reaction of Private Spending and Market Interest Rates to the Changes in Public Spending
  • Ewa Kulińska - Model of Axiological Dimension Risk Management
  • Jarosław Domański - Risk Categories and Risk Management Processes in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Louise Van Scheers, Khathutshelo Mercy Makhitha - Are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Planning for Strategic Marketing in South Africa?
  • Roderick Caballero Bugador - The Competitiveness of Business Groups and Their Affiliates in International Operations
  • Mishelle Doorasamy - Using Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) to Identify Benefits of Eco-Efficiency and Cleaner Production in a Paper and Pulp Manufacturing Organization
  • Ewa Drabik - Several Remarks on the Role of Certain Positional and Social Games in the Creation of the Selected Statistical and Economic Applications
  • Michał Wiśniewski - Concept of Situational Management of Safety Critical Infrastructure of State
  • Tadeusz Krupa, Teresa Ostrowska - Hierarchical Decision-Making Problems – Modeling and Solutions
Foundations of Management