International Journal - Foundations of Management (FoM) is published in the electronic version by Sciendo (Sciendo is a De Gruyter company). You can find all issues of the magazine since year 2009. The primary version of the journal is the online one. The electronic version (eISSN 2300-5661) is identical to the printed version (ISSN 2080-7279).

According to the scoring of the Ministry of  Education and Science, for publication in the Journal in 2021 awarded 40 points.

Foundations of Management - International Journal is co-financed by Polish Ministry of Education and Science.

Budget funds allocated to the project Development of Scientific Journals
for Foundations of Management in the amount of PLN 70 000
Duration of the project: 2023-2024
The project aims at supporting FoM in the implementation of its development strategy.
The philosophy of this strategy is determined by the basic values:

  • the high publication standards;
  • the prestige in the international scientific community;
  • the impact on scientific discourse and science progress
Foundations of Management