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Welcome to the Faculty of Management

Warsaw University of Technology.

We cherish the tradition of the oldest management research center in Poland.

From 1922, when the Chair of Work Organization and Industrial Enterprises

was established, we conduct reseach and education in management field. 

About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to educate specialists in the field of management at the highest level of excellence for the needs of the knowledge economy and information society, as well as to strengthen the position of the Faculty of Management by way of conducting scientific research, cooperating with the business environment in Poland and around the world, and consistently developing the competence of our staff.

The Faculty’s history

The Faculty of Management is the heir to a rich tradition dating back to the 1922, when prof. Karol Adamiecki created the Department of Work Organization Principles of Industrial Enterprises at the Warsaw University of Technology. 2022 was a celebration year of anniversary of 100 years of management science at Warsaw University of Technology.

The activity of the Department was continued by the Department of Engineering and Economics established in 1953 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (today The Faculty of Production Engineering / The Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), headed by prof. Seweryn Chajtman. In 1970, as the result of the fusion of the Engineering and Economic Department with the Department of Economics and Production Organization of the Faculty of Precision Mechanics (today Faculty of Mechatronics), headed by prof. Zbigniew Zbichorski, the Institute of Management Organization was established. It was renamed in 1985 to the Institute of Organization of Production Systems, which was successively headed by: prof. Stanisław Lis, doctor Marek Siudak, prof. Krzysztof Santarek and prof. Tadeusz Krupa. In 2008 based on that Institute's resources (it was a part of the Faculty of Production Engineering at that time), the Faculty of Management was established. Prof. Tadeusz Krupa was its dean for two terms, next prof. Janusz Zawiła-Niedźwiecki and prof. Wiesław Kotarba.

Throughout all this time, the Faculty of Management with its rich history, educates industrial and managerial elite for the needs of Poland’s economy, meeting the international standards.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure of Faculty of Management.


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