Foundations of Management - 2023 Volume 15 Number 01 (23)

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  • Mohammadmahdi Rabbani, Seyyed Babak Alavi - Does Feedback Seeking Always Improve Performance? Investigating the Roles of Feedback Seeking Content and Frequency in Determining Goal Achievement and Behavior-Related Performance
  • Daniel Młodzianowski - Analysis of Cluster Support Based on the Example of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative
  • Phuong Mai Nguyen, Nam D. Vo - Exploring Organic Food Purchase Behaviors of Gen Z: An Application of TPB and MOA Model in a Transition Country
  • Bogumił Czerwiński, Jarosław Domański - Contemporary Consumer Trends
  • Phyllis Dirrler, Szilard Podruzsik - Cultural Distances and Its Association to Time Spent on Conflicts
  • Szymon Kolwas, Jarosław Domański - Axiological and Praxeological Dimensions of Marketing Communication Effectiveness – A Conceptual Framework
  • Cosmas Anayochukwu Nwankwo, MacDonald Isaac Kanyangale - Critical Understanding of Existing Entrepreneurial Marketing Models: 2002 – 2022
  • Józef Matuszek, Ewa Kaczmar-Kolny, Łukasz Byrdy - The Method of Determining the Technical Costs of Manufacturing Products 
  • Ewa Drabik - A Few Notes on Art Auctions 
  • Anna Uklańska - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Bibliometric Analysis and Literature Review
  • Fawaz Khalid Al Shawawreh - Reassessing the Long-Run Abnormal Performance of Jordanian IPOs: An Event Study Approach
  • Olawale Fatoki - Participative Leadership and Employee Job Satisfaction: The Mediating Effects of Psychological Empowerment and Work Engagement
  • Arief Yulianto, Widiyanto Widiyanto, Rini Witiastuti - Asymmetric Information in New Investment: Evidence in Indonesia
  • Salah Mahdi Jawad Al-Kawaz, Ahmed Naser Abbas Al-Daami, Ali Abdulhassan Abbas - The Role of Integration Between Target Costing and Time-Driven Activity-Based Budgeting Techniques in Managing Time and Cost and its Reflection in Achieving Competitive Advantage
  • Phyllis Dirrler, Szilard Podruzsik - Conflict Costs in National and International Business: A Comparative Analysis
  • Justyna Karwowska - Public Funding of Education in the Visegrad Group Countries in 2011–2021
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